I’d call Freshfields an aspirational firm.

Our work is really high quality and very international. But at the same time, everyone is super friendly and approachable.

It’s hard to know how much responsibility you’ll get as a new trainee.

Here at Freshfields I feel like you’re given as much as you want to take on basically from the beginning.

You’re encouraged – expected even – to have a life outside of work.

Before you join a firm like Freshfields, people might tend to think you have to sign away your life, but, for me, that just hasn’t been the case. Of course, we work hard and we work long hours. And yes, it is challenging, but when you do have to work late, you’re working together in a team towards an outcome. This was especially important when working from home during lockdown. There was always someone to call or have a virtual coffee with and working in that environment makes all the difference.

During my time as a trainee. I have worked on several high-profile
transactions and cases.

Working on cases which result in a win for our client, and on deals which end up front page news is extremely rewarding. On all of the matters I have worked on, I have always been made part of the team and it means that the hours of preparation to get to that point are all worth it.  

You never get bored at Freshfields.

The work is extremely interesting and requires you to think outside of the box – you’re not doing the everyday deals that you might do at a high-street firm.


What does Freshfields expect of trainees?

To work to the highest standards you can and maintain a positive attitude: being the person that steps forward and says “Hi, I don’t mind doing that.”

What can trainees expect of Freshfields?

Really interesting work with truly international aspects. The commitment to developing your progression as a lawyer whilst also recognising your individuality.

Freshfields in three words?

Approachable, team-orientated and stimulating.

Responsible business

The way we do business at Freshfields reflects who we are and what we stand for.

Prepare for our application process

We understand that applying for training contracts and vacation scheme can be quite daunting, so to make things easier for you, here’s what you can expect from our application process.

Twitter | 10 August 2021

Freshfields are recruiting for Legal Solutions Specialists (paralegals) in Manchester! If you are interested in applying please email The application deadline is 13th August 2021.

Twitter | 19 July 2021

Our Manchester Hub has a number of vacancies for Document Controllers in the Documents Specialist Team. For more information please contact the Manchester Recruitment Team on