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People here are very good at what they do

but don’t they take themselves too seriously. I’ve yet to find someone I don’t enjoy working with.

There's a long history here.

We’re the oldest international law firm – and that can lead to misconceptions that Freshfields is old-fashioned. Honestly, that’s not the case: for a firm to survive so long it has to keep innovating. Our strong culture of innovation helped us transition to agile working more smoothly than most during the pandemic.

The training here is very special

I would say unbeatable – from the initial two-week induction, to departmental and team-specific training, and weekly training lunches and seminars (which trainees can also join). The eight-seat training contract allows you to try out different teams and get experience in areas you would never have considered.

The Freshfields culture is friendly and inclusive.

There’s an energy here to inspire other people with kindness and intellectually stimulating challenges. We’re really collegiate, too. I’m genuinely friends with my colleagues. We can spend three or four weeks working closely together and still want to spend time together outside of work. 

There are always pro bono work opportunities

and we don’t distinguish internally between paid work and pro bono. I’ve done work for ArtUK, an organisation that is digitising UK’s public art. I provided guidance on updating their privacy policy and agreements based on copyright and data protection issues. I’ve also worked with Z2K, an organisation that prevents homelessness and helps people access the benefits they are entitled to. For example, I drafted appeals for people who had had their claims for personal independence payments rejected.

Have confidence in yourself.

Perseverance is key. I applied to Freshfields three times before I was offered a training contract. Just because you’re rejected by a law firm doesn’t mean you’re not suited to a career in law. Don’t feel like a failure. Ask for feedback and stay in touch. People are busy, so be proactive.

Freshfields expects enthusiasm.

You’re not expected to know everything, but you do need a positive attitude and a willingness to get your hands dirty. Trainees should be willing to put their hand up and be as proactive as possible.

One personal milestone for me

was working with colleagues to start the APSA (Asian/Pacific/South Asian) UK Network. Our D&I team has been very supportive and I am very excited to be part of this new initiative, in line with our new firmwide D&I goals.


Freshfields in three words?

Growing, inspiring, energetic.

Eight-seat training contract

Our eight-seat training contract sets you up for the work you’ll be doing as an international lawyer.

Pro bono

We act free of charge for clients ranging from individual asylum seekers to some of the world’s biggest charities.

Twitter | 16 June 2022

We’re supporting the first Social Mobility Awareness Day, established to help raise awareness of social mobility and encourage all to commit to making impactful change. Find out more about some of our initiatives here: #socialmobilityday

Twitter | 01 June 2022

Today is the first day of Global #PrideMonth! A time to celebrate our LGBTQIA+ colleagues, friends and community and to highlight the progress that has been made around the world, while recognizing the work that still needs to be done. Find out more through the link in our bio!