Diversity is not a tick-box exercise at Freshfields.

Diversity is genuinely valued in all senses. That includes different working styles, personalities and backgrounds. Your university shouldn’t be a barrier either: it’s not just Oxbridge or Russell group graduates. There’s no snootiness or stuffiness; people tend not to take themselves too seriously.

The eight-seat contract means you see much more of the firm.

You get stuck in from the off so you learn quickly. Freshfields is a meritocracy so you can get as much responsibility as you want, as soon as you prove that you can handle it. You need to be proactive and take the initiative.

People here genuinely care and want you to succeed.

Supervisors appreciate the pressures that we all face and the firm has made real progress in paying more attention to mental health, especially during lockdown. We kept up the team connections through lockdown, ensuring everyone was included and supported, including through things like a Zoom quizzes and regular team coffee breaks.

Even from the open day, Freshfields initially struck me as being open
and genuine.

They were honest, even about the negatives, which means you can go into the application process with open eyes.

The breadth of work here stands out.

Our mandates are typically strategically important for our clients and often very complex – more senior people have always found time to discuss matters with me and other trainees (both the big picture and the detail).

Freshfields in three words?

Fast-paced. Challenging. Social.

What does Freshfields expect of trainees?

At Freshfields, you need to be proactive and anticipate problems. We all make mistakes. But, when you do, be accountable and present a possible solution. You should always learn from your mistakes. Openness to feedback is important to growth – people here are not as intimidating as you might think!

What can trainees expect of Freshfields?

You will be challenged here, but you’ll also be treated with respect, even in high-pressure situations.

Eight-seat training contract

Our eight-seat training contract sets you up for the work you’ll be doing as an international lawyer.

Social Life

There’s always something going on at Freshfields.

Twitter | 08 June 2021

Curious about working as a Freshfields trainee? Our final Instagram #traineetakeover will be tomorrow with Emma! Submit your questions for her via our Instagram story now. Find us at FreshfieldsGrads. You can also see our previous takeovers in the highlights section.

News | 03 June 2021

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