I am on the London—Asia training contract, which offers one year in London
and one year in Hong Kong.

For me, it’s been the best of both worlds: four seats in London and four seats in Hong Kong means you interact with and learn from lots of inspiring and intelligent people across a range of different work.

Freshfields is all about being open and proactive.

Our cross-team and multijurisdictional work means that collaboration is embedded in our culture.

Being part of a prestigious firm like Freshfields brings exposure to the work
that makes international headlines.

We are working on top-level, cutting-edge projects, challenging mandates that may define the next generation. Being in the centre of political, legal and economic issues (like responses to COVID-19) can sometimes feel like being in the eye of a hurricane.

Freshfields in three words?

International, inspiring, challenging.


What does Freshfields expect of trainees?

You should be keen and enthusiastic. It’s difficult to delegate to an unengaged or uninterested person. Try not to be shy and make the most of interactions. And you should always pay close attention to detail – the smallest things can make the biggest impressions.

What can trainees expect of Freshfields?

At Freshfields, you are involved in unparalleled top-quality deals and mandates. You will be supported, not just by supervisors, but also by our Hub , IT, HR and lots of other teams.

London-Asia training contract

Our London–Asia training contract can help you build your career and network on both sides of the globe.

International work

We help our clients cross borders with confidence – and we can help you do the same.

Twitter | 10 August 2021

Freshfields are recruiting for Legal Solutions Specialists (paralegals) in Manchester! If you are interested in applying please email The application deadline is 13th August 2021.

Twitter | 19 July 2021

Our Manchester Hub has a number of vacancies for Document Controllers in the Documents Specialist Team. For more information please contact the Manchester Recruitment Team on