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I started as a paralegal here – it was great.

The dispute resolution paralegals worked in groups on big, big pieces of litigation. There is a huge amount of talent and dedication within those groups and partners and associates really made you feel part of the team.

I think there’s a misconception of ridiculous hours and that no one really knows each other.

Neither of those are right – everyone works hard but it’s not the sort of place where you expect to work every weekend. Equally, even though it’s quite a big place, I’m always amazed at how you seem to know almost everyone you bump into.

Some of the work here is incredibly exciting.

One of the first things I did as an associate was to work on the resolution of Dunfermline Building Society during the financial crisis. It was the first resolution under legislation brought in to help deal with the crisis – it was front page of the FT. It really felt like you were part of something significant.

You can become the best lawyer you can be at Freshfields.

Freshfields provides you with all of the infrastructure, resources and help you need to become the best lawyer you can be. That in itself is incredibly motivating but also places the responsibility on the individual to ensure they make the most of their talent.

I think Freshfields is genuinely fun.

I just signed a transaction earlier this week where we were working with our client for two weeks solid in meeting rooms off-site at the offices of another firm. It was an incredibly difficult and challenging time but throughout it all, our meeting rooms remained genuinely fun places to be with general good humour and the odd round of Nespresso golf. That’s a big part of why it’s good to work here – incredibly talented and serious people who don’t take themselves too seriously.

I’ve been advising on the distributed ledger technology bitcoin is based upon.

That means helping our clients, particularly those involved in the financial services market, look at how they might use blockchain to change the way value is transferred or the way securities are settled or cleared. Our focus on innovation positions the firm well to take on such cutting-edge work.

What does Freshfields expect of trainees?

Commitment, honesty and intellectual rigor. We all act with a certain amount of humility and respect for everyone else.

What can trainees expect of Freshfields?

Some of the most interesting and challenging legal work around. A working environment that is fun and in which every individual is respected. An evolving workplace that always strives to improve.

Freshfields in three words?

Challenging, rewarding and fun.

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Today is the first day of Global #PrideMonth! A time to celebrate our LGBTQIA+ colleagues, friends and community and to highlight the progress that has been made around the world, while recognizing the work that still needs to be done. Find out more through the link in our bio!